Answers to all your asana quesions from the ground up!

  • Stop wondering about the HOW'S and WHY'S of yoga's staple postures.
  • Learn STEP by STEP instruction just like you were live in training.
  • Watch videos OVER again and again.
  • LEARN modifications, adaptions and substitutions for poses so there is no more wondering on the mat.
  • Learn NEUTRAL as it pertains to our everyday body in a yoga setting.
  • Gain NEW insights to movements, new ways of thinking and new ways praticing each pose for a safer more functional yoga.
  • AND for those registered with Yoga Alliance, the Asana Video Library counts towards non-contact CEC's (continuing education credits.

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Once I became a yoga teacher I felt like I had more questions than answers, and what I wouldn’t have given to relearn the details to forward bend or revolved lateral angle, or what neutral meant again (oh, wait I was never taught that). I have worked with thousands of students, some teachers, and some simply trying to better understand how to move their bodies on and off the mat. But what I discovered several years ago is sometimes a book just won’t cut it, and the once and done methods many yoga schools use to be able to plow through content as quickly as possible to cover tons of information, leaves you the student, and now the teacher not exactly sure what you should be doing in the poses. And I get it, I questioned for years’ asana anatomy and movements, and it wasn’t until I stepped out of the yoga community that I gained a better insight to the body and then went and applied that to yoga asana. The result, simple, yet powerful tweaks and new approaches to yoga that left both me and my students with happier and healthier bodies. 

Brush up on the in's and out's of movements and asanas to enhance your practice or teaching!

"The Asana Video Library provided by Hope is just what you need as a teacher or student to refresh your memory on why you are doing the pose. The way Hope teaches a pose is like no-one else and to be able to quickly reference these step-by-step tips and tricks help to keep you fresh and on point when practicing yoga."

Lauren Andersen, Online Asana Library User, Yoga Teacher

What you get access to in Hope's Asana Video Library

Hope’s Asana Video Library is the first of its kind, in that aside from the base of staple postures, Hope will continue to add and tweak videos so you can keep learning. Finally, a solution for yogis of all kinds to get answers to asana questions they may have wondered about for years and responded with things like “that’s normal”, or “it will get better with time”, or my favorite “everybody is different”. 

Learn tips, tweaks, and techniques that will create an educational environment and help both you and your students take their bodies back once and for all. 

No more “yoga shoulder”, or “pinchy lower back”, no more “my body just doesn’t do that” or “that’s too hard”. When understand how the body moves and where body parts belong, asana begins to make more sense. And yes, even in yoga we can hurt more than help. So, let’s change that once and for all!

Your Asana Library Card will give you access to:

  • Stop wondering about the how's and why's of yoga's staple postures
  • Learn step by step instruction just like you were live in training
  • Watch videos over again and again
  • Learn modifications, adaptations and substitutions for poses so there is no more wondering on the mat
  • Gain new insights to movements, new ways of thinking and new ways of praticing each pose for a safer more functional yoga. 
  • And for those registered with the Yoga Alliance, the Asana Video Library counts towards non-contact CEC's (continuing education credits)

"Hope this is brillant, what a perfect tool for students and teachers, I wish I had that during my yoga teacher training".

Layne Burkette, Yoga Teacher

"Just brushing up on so asana before I go and teach"...

Katie Schilep, Asana Video Library User

Meet Hope

“My name is Hope Zvara, I'm the creator of The HOPE Process-- Helping Others Purposefully Excel. It is through this process that I helps willing individuals learn to live in their bodies again following the three B’s: Breathe, Body, Believe. Overcoming a life strangling eating disorder and the loss of a child has inspired me to share my journey and insights with others. 

With my Asana Video Library I get to teach and share with others others the dynamics of breathing, how to step back into a loving relationship with one’s body safely pose by pose-- using my Mindful Movement Matrix, and guiding eager individuals with my unique inspirational messages and insights on life to help those individuals learn to live the best life possible.  

Over the past fifteen years of teaching mind-body practices I have come to see some dots that needed connecting, that there were too many methods that just didn't make sense. And as I dove into learning more about the body outside yoga, outisde "fitness" for the first time I was truly able to connect the much needed dots of my teachings and my own practice. 

And almost ten years ago Core Functional Fitness by Hope Zvara (R) was born. A methodology I took to heart and completely over-hauled my yoga and core-based movement teachings. And in doing so, something amazing happened-my students were seeing amazing strides in their physical bodies and overall life. 

For me teaching is educating my students about what the heck they are doing and what they need to imporve on to truly seek wellness and happiness body, mind and soul. 

When you practice with me you will notice right away it's not you average yoga class and what from the outside looks simple and way too easy, for those that choose to step into their bodies and really pay attention, learn what corework really is all about and take what they learn off the mat into their everyday lives will gain benefit the first class they walk out of. 

Bringing my teachings online came out of need, need for my students accross the globe to practice safely and effectively; to experience what movement in their bodies should feel and be like every single day. Gone are the days of fast and fuerious and present are the times of form and function. Because yes, it does matter how you do things, especially if how you are doing what you are doing is causing you the pain you keep coming back to try to get rid of with little success. 

Come think outside the box with me and experience your breath and body in a whole new light!

You can often find me sharing my inspiring story woven into the HOPE Process on stages on and offline all over the globe, as well as behind a camera sharing my take on the vital importance of mindful breathing, healthy movement, and how to live life with a purpose. 

— Hope Zvara

An investment that will payout every single time you step on the mat to pratice or teach!

Access your Asana Video Library anytime anywhere! Each video individually recorded and categoriezed for easy viewing makes your learing easily accessable!

Up your game as a praticitioner and gain your confidence as a teacher or yogi to help you step out and come to your yoga mat with condence, safety and ease.

VALUE: $2700 worth of one-on-one's with me..... 

Your Price: $127.... 

Your Result: Priceless!

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