5 Steps to Self Sustainable, Simple, Eco-Friendly Living 


What I have come to realize as a business owner, mom, wife and concerned Earth walker is that we as a people need to start caring more. And I know you will say to yourself “I care” and I know you do, but what I really mean is care deeply, care in a way that you can’t stand it, that you will stand up and turn off your computer (after you are done reading this of course) and go and care.

Care is an action word; it’s not a thought, and although thoughts have power and meaning, they also need action. So I would like you to scratch deeper than the feel good surface of self sustainable and eco friendly because when you care about yourself, you care about your family.  When you care about your family, you about the earth and how you will live and leave your carbon footprint on it.

To me, self sustainable means self-reliant, self-motivated and self-responsible. It means changing my attitude and way of thinking and living, putting my real values in place and then acting on them, making decisions that will show my children and those closest to me how to be better and want more for themselves.

1. Stop wasting! Today’s home has more waste than ever before. Although putting your empty cans and bottles or newspapers on the curb feels good, that’s the least of our worries. What we really need to start doing is looking at ways we as a people and as a household can cut back and reuse. Consider things like composting; if you live in a city, many companies have come up with amazing convenient ways to compost with little to no space

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