5 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life

When you live a more authentic life, the benefits are many! By putting time and effort into this endeavor, and learning to be yourself, you are rewarded with an opportunity for real happiness and an ability to achieve your true potential, for example. To get started on this worthwhile journey, give these five practices a try:

Be honest with yourself and others. We often think that the little white lies we tell ourselves and others will make things easier; we think we are doing a favor to others by saving them the time or emotion of the truth. But the reality is, it makes things much more complicated and incredibly dishonest.

Stop saying I can’t. We look out at life and say that we can’t do this or that, and what we say becomes our truth. What we tell the Universe is what we get back from the Universe. So erase “I can’t” from your vocabulary and replace it with I can, I have, I know or I am, and take life and start living in the moment.

Take risks. I’m not saying jump off a cliff, but rather, live boldly. I would rather fall a million times than never fall once. We learn through hardships and risks, and the only bad risk is the one not taken.

Speak up. I often speak what is on my mind and what I desire. And yoga has taught me how to channel that in a positive, more helpful, loving way (better than I could years ago). I often hear people say: if only, or I didn’t know, or I wish someone would have told me, but the truth is, unless you speak up, why should anyone come running to your aide? Don’t blame others for your unspoken wish list. Don’t say I should have, when you know you could have, because we all have a voice and the right to speak up. So when you don’t, it’s no one’s fault but your own.

Be a leader. We need not be trend setters or inventors, but rather leaders in our own lives. You may not be famous, but when you live 100 percent each day with no regrets — truthfully and positively — and speak up in a kind manner, you become the leader for others to follow in living their lives that way too.

Each and every day we must work to be more mindful and work to be the best version of ourselves in all that we do. When we step outside our comfort zones and work just a bit harder than the day before, things get easier and we start to enjoy life more. 

Hope Zvara is a yoga teacher, trainer and functional fitness expert. Creator of Core Functional Fitness™, Hope specializes in yoga, core work and functional movements. She helps yoga students, yoga teachers and a variety of fitness professionals experience a true mind-body connection through yoga and core functional movement and principles. For more information, visit http://coppertreewellnessstudio.com.

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