3 Reasons Why I Said Goodbye to Mat PilatesMe seven years ago.

3 Reasons Why I Said Goodbye to Mat Pilates

3 Reasons Why I Said Goodbye to mat Pilates I have been a bare foot teacher for almost fifteen years now and have taught this, that and the other thing in various shapes and forms. After taking my initial yoga teacher training […]

The Best Way to Improve Hamstring Flexibility Video| Yoga Poses with Hope Zvara

It always seems that for many the backs of the legs are tight and cranky. For a slew of reasons our hamstrings seem to cause problems: Help I need better hamstring flexibility! We sit WAY to LONG! This locked up […]

When Dancer Pose Doesn’t Dance: Unlocking the Front Body

WATCH VIDEO AFTER YOU READ 🙂 When Dancer Pose Doesn’t Dance: Unlocking the Front Body I see a good deal of masterful postures posted all over social media and many in magazines: some of masterful skill in balance, stamina and focus, […]