"Frequently Asked Questions"

Is this just another yoga teacher training?
No this is not another yoga teacher training, and to be honest, you won't really learn yoga postures, but rather how to more effectively set up the body for movement (like yoga poses) and what the real point of those poses is. You'll learn dozens of new moves that will only enhance your practice and teaching and take both you and your students to the next level. 
This is the bridging to the gap in yoga, but it takes you over the bridge and also feeds you how to move from the core, core specific exercises, CFF principles to guide you after this training and empower you to rock it as a teacher you never even thought possible.
What is Core Functional Fitness exactly?
Core Functional Fitness is a method of application that people like you can take part in to fill in the gaps in your teaching. Think you don't have gaps? Think again. Every method does, and that is why when you step out you will only enhance what you are already doing. 
Core Functional Fitness urges its students to look at the people that are in front of them right now, it urges its students to see that movements don't have to be and shouldn't be separated, and neither should the body.
Core Functional Fitness is about asking if the movement you are about to do is helping or hurting?
Core Functional Fitness is all things core in a way that is both subtle and intense. Core Funcitonal Fitness is about teaching people with real live bodies how to move better and ultimately live better.
But most importantly, Core Functional Fitness is about helping people like you live better, feel better and yes even look better. Because when you feel good on the inside and know you are actually empowering yourself towards a better version of yourself both inside and out, you look better too.
Core Functional Fitness is the next step, it is all those tweaks (small and large) that once you get- they sky is the limit both in our personal practice and in your teaching. I know exactly what it's like to practice and wonder if there is a better way, or easier way. To teach and hope you don't hurt someone or wonder if what you are telling them is really right because part of you already wonders that. 
This is why I created Core Functional Fitness, you don't need another yoga training or fitness certification to better help your students; you need to finally be taught about how to help people move in their bodies and use postures and exercises to enhance their daily lives. You need to be taught the frame work of the body and how it should move, not just how poses and exercises work, because as much as I was nieve to the idea, not all people move the same, and there are reasons for that, when you learn about them rather than just exercises and poses you will help people not just on the mat, but off it as well.
I already know moves that work my core, can you really teach me more?
You bet I can! Core based moves done flat on your back are not only limiting, but usually done incorrectly as well. Getting you and your students up off the floor can improve your core potential with results you can instantly feel.
Everything is an extension of your core and that means every move is a core baseed move. In Core Functional Fitness you will learn just that!
You will learn core specific moves that will take you and your students to the next level along side moves that stem from your core and balance your body out, leaving you feeling long and lean and empowered.
After this training you will never question core based exercise again!
How will this set me apart from the other teachers?
Where do I begin? Core Functional Fitness will help you address your students injuries and issues head on, this training will feed you the details to how the body moves and where EXACTLY your core is, what is feels like to access it and how to specifically teach these details to your students.
You can instantly add these moves and this approach to your existing teaching OR you will be able to create a practice and class all to its own with your new found knowledge, core understanding and movements.
I'm not a teacher can I still take this course?
Absolutely! We want to encourage all avid fitness professionals and yoga students to take part in this core changing course. If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, dive into your practice in a new way and truly access your core potential- join me!
I can't make it to the live training, what now?
No problem, I created an online version of my Core Functional Foundation for this exact reason. With the cost of travel and then finding a place to stay I totally understand that my live events aren't always accessable to all parties.
And because I never do things half way, my online course is professionallly videoed, you get to watch from the comfort of your own home, in your own timing a combination of videos: live tapping from one of my past trainings, and postures taught to you just like you would be in a one-on-one session with your truly.
In addition you will receive all the handouts and the entire manual in a downloadable format.
This online course you have access to forever, so you can go back and practice with me again and again and again to perfect your newly discovered moves.
You can visit my website to find out more: HopeCoreFitness.com