Core Functional Fitness is about asking if the movement we are doing is helping or hurting. Is your method of movement asking you the same thing?

Key Components to Core Functional Fitness by Hope Zvara®:

1.       Discover and Understand Why Your Core Health is Important.  Where is your core? Discover where your core is located and how pelvic and shoulder girdle stability ensures core health.  Understand why and how to train this area more effectively. If you don’t know why to perform an exercise, why are you doing it? As teachers, trainers, therapists, students when we understand why, we have a better rate of success.

2.      Embrace Functionality!  Are you able to squat, bend, reach in a functional, safe and healthy way? There are five essential functional multi-joint movements: bend & lift, single leg, push, pull and rotation.

3.       View the Core as layered.  How many layers does the core have? Use techniques like “co-contracting” and “bracing” the layers to increase the effectiveness of your back and full body health.

4.       Find a healthy neutral Alignment.   What is the difference between neutral vs. natural body habits? Find alignment from the feet, pelvis, rib cage and head. Maintain the 4 natural curves of the spine. Minimize the rotations of the limbs.

5.      Care for your foundation.  Do you take care for your feet? Your feet are your foundation providing stability and mobility as well as providing direction. When you find and correct misalignment’s you may reduce pain. And, the soles of the feet mirror the pelvic floor. Gain control of your arches to gain better control of your pelvic core health.

6.      Strive for stability over mobility.  Why is stability so important? Through awareness, stability and thoughtful understanding of range of motion, you can improve your overall wellness.

7.       Use Motor-controlled movements.  Why is control more effective? When you slow down and avoid the big sloppy, exaggerated movements that are typically used in many fitness classes, you will find more stability.

8.       Find the asymmetry.  Use the 2:1 Ratio Method.   How will you develop symmetry if you continue to work each side of the body in the same way? Increase the amount worked on the side of the body where dysfunction is present.

9.   Use a combination of strength and stretch movements simultaneously.  Why strengthen and lengthen? The movement makes stronger, longer muscles and is its own counter pose.

10.  Understand the energy relationship within the body.  Why is energy important? Everything is interconnected – muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves, tendons, fascia and energy. Through understanding, we can better find success in all of our movements.

Corework is not something we do, it’s how we move!

Core Funtional Fitnesss by Hope Zvara® is a functional method of movement that introduces the importance of body alignment, presents mindful movements, and explores functional postures to improve overall core health and everyday wellness.  Working from the ground up, learn to develop a strong mind-body connection and internal communication.  Discover how to bring functional fitness into your life!

Start by asking yourself:

  • Why am I doing a movement or exercise?, and…
  • Is it helpful or harmful?

Here are some of the ways that Core Functional Fitness will get you thinking differently and beneficially about movement both on and off the mat:

  • View core health holistically – front, back, sides and pelvic floor
  • Identify body asymmetry in order to find balance and harmony
  • View the core as multiple layers.  We debunk the buzzword “core” for teachers and students
  • Strive for stability before mobility.  Learn to slow down and recognize which muscles are engage- when and why.
  • Stretch and strengthen simultaneously.  What if the pose is its own counter-pose?

 “I believe every movement begins with our core.  Everything we do comes from our core and how we exercise should best reflect how we choose to live!”   ~ Hope Zvara

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