Creator Hope Zvara

Yoga is a life line...

"I created this self-paced, online program because yoga saved my life, because yoga is my life line, not just the physical practice but how to live my life-a moral code of conduct that helps me be a better person".  

This self-paced, online program is currently challenging the mainstream approach to yoga and how many have been traditionally taught; from breath work and alignment to approaching the pose and each person.

This online program is heavily focused on teaching and inspiring you to learn how to think for yourself, and cultivate the tools, know-how and confidence to benefit you ON and OFF the mat.

Hope is known for her eye for detail and willingness to step outside the box and teach people rather than teach poses, her mission through this program is to give willing students the knowhow to be able to practice and lead with confidence, to ask themselves what is the purpose of the pose and is it helping or harming and finally for all students who come through her program a tool box and understanding of what and how to really approach asana in today's world.. 

This program is set up for those who truly want to take that next step towards personal growth, change and are willing to ask themselves "what is my purpose". 

Areas of Practice

Asana & Functional Anatomy

A modern, functional approach to asana rooted in yogic traditions but updated to fit the 21st century body's needs.


Life Skills

Taking what you learn on the mat into your everyday life. Gain insight to your own thoughts, desires, actions and reactions. Taking the 8-limbs of yoga and applying to your current life.

Yogic Philosophy 

An in-depth look at ancient yogi philosophy with a modern twist. How do these teaching relate to me today? An approachable incorporation of meditation, chanting, and yogic text.

What past students had to say:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and following your passion. This changes peoples lives! Because of what I have learned from your teachings, I am able to work with people confidently in these smaller settings and they are so grateful and take away so much benefit. They get to take away things that they can apply in their lives right away! 

Val Hickman, RYT, Massage Thearapist

You are a teacher for the teachers and I haven't seen much of that in the glimpses into the industry that I've taken. It was multi-dimensional and where we all needed to be at that time- (the Universe) & Angela

Angela Horvath, LaC, CYT

For me it was because you were a very clear teacher that touched many people during each of your classes...Many said I should get a job instead of taking yoga teacher training. I went with what my heart said, and I'm ever so grateful. Thank you my dear Hope.

Leann Jozefowski, RYT, Reiki Master

This Program Is For Those Who Are:

Seeking proper knowledge and training on the body and mechanics of movement, not just asanas in a yoga setting.

Looking to develop a yoga practice they can take with them for the rest of their life.

Hoping to develop a meditation practice that feeds their soul.

Enhance their existing trainings or practice with a new twist propelling them into the 21 centry of modern movement.

Desire to learn yogic philosophy translated into modern today.

Want to become a part of a method that helps people body, mind and spirit. 

If you think that this might be you, then I welcome you to join me in an immersion that IS your next step!

Are you ready to take the next step?

"I created this program because I wanted others to experience yoga the way I have. Yoga has been and still continues to be a life line for me, one that saved my life! I want to share the yoga I know with those desiring to go deeper into their lives and grow rapidly! 
In addition, I've ventured outside the yoga community to learn about the body and have brought that back to my practice and teaching.  Because of this I have such a greater understanding of not just yoga but on how the body actually moves and how asana comes safely into play"
Hope Zvara.
I've taken my LIVE Yoga Teacher Training and transfromed it into a user-friendly program for both the student and the teacher. And I promise you will walk away with new nuggets to expand yourself and your current teachings. 

Make the next BEST investment in yourself by joining me in my self-paced Personal Growth Program & Teaching Enhancement program TODAY!