Saturday, June 10th 10am - 6pm 

Copper Tree Yoga Studio Hartford, WI

Roll This Foam Roller & acuBall Certifiation

Join Hope Zvara creator of the Roll This foam roller & acuBall workook. The most comprehensive book on the market.

Join Hope Zvara, creator of the Roll This workbook, and learn detailed core integration exercises alongside a user-friendly explanation of what fascia is. Learn how it effects EVERY MOVE WE MAKE as she takes you step by step through dozens of techniques to release the catsuit of your body, one roll at a time, using the foam roller and Dr. Cohen's acuBalls.

Learn how to maximize use of your foam roller!

Learn the right way to roll fascia!

Dr. Cohen’s heatable acuBalls are the ONLY heatable self-release tools on the market!

Dr. Oz rated the acuBalls “an alternative health MUST-HAVE for back and neck pain!”

The acuBalls has been acknowledged at the Fascial Research of Congress as a must have tool!

Roll into a practice that has long lasting impact!

Today’s educated health care consumer is looking for empowerment- not dependence! The practitioner that educates and inspires their students to learn to help themselves will earn the ethical respect and admiration of their client! 

*Step by step guidance 

*Hands on experience 

*Dozens of exercises 

*Self-heal our own body as you learn how to help others do the same!

You’ll Learn: 

• About what fascia is 

• Why your chiropractic adjustments might not be sticking 

• And help release your tight tissues so your adjustments hold 

• Become your own massage therapists 

• Why stretching might not be the answer 

• How it might not be your muscles fault you have an injury or restriction 

• The right foam roller to buy 

• The proper way to roll 

• What are acuBalls 

• Why acuBalls are a necessary tool in every yoga studio, fitness center, and household 

• How to get rid of those aches and pains once and for all 

Meet Hope Zvara 

Breathe, Body, and Belief are the pillars of Hope’s mission to Help Others Purposefully Excel. Her early struggle with a life-threatening eating disorder and then the loss of her first child led her to realize that her name is not just a name, but a symbol. 

Hope has helped change thousands of lives of the past 15 years, going beyond her experience in the fitness and wellness industry. Hope’s message is a reminder to all those listening that there is good in all things and that no matter how hard it gets you should never lose hope. 

Hope is the creator of the Roll This-workbook and creator of the Core Functional Fitness method of movement. You can practice with Hope at her studio in Hartford, WI or online in her Mindful Movement Virtual Studio.

Join Hope Saturday, June 10th from 10am – 6pm for a life transforming training for both you and your students.

Register before June 1st and save $100!

Each participant will receive a copy of Hope Workbook Roll This! Foam Roller and acuBalls not included, but will be available for each participant to use during the training. Products available for purchase. *All sales final.