Neck Pain Be GONE: Occipital Release with Hope Zvara | acuBall

There is nothing worse than neck pain! With the rise in electronic devices and sitting is leaving people like all of us (I’m on my ‪computer‬ WAY TOO much!!!) with tons of pain! Specifically neck and upper back pain. The […]

The skinny on your psoas

The skinny on your psoas Our hips, more specifically our hip flexors, are an area of the body that is often misused and misunderstood. Hip flexors are a skeletal muscle group that allows us to move our thighs up and […]

Get your Arms and Obliques Beach Body Ready -- Oblique Lift & Lower

Get your Arms and Obliques Beach Body Ready — Oblique Lift & Lower

Get your arms and obliques beach body ready — Oblique lift and lower Summer is right around the corner (it is- I promise) and most of us just can’t wait to get rid of the layers upon layers of clothing […]

How to Do a Lunge in Yoga | Healthy Alignment and Body Mechanics

If you have ever practiced yoga or attended a yoga class it would be fair to say that you would have then participated in one of yoga’s staple postures-the lunge. In yoga low lunge and high lunge (Anjaneyasana) are definitely two […]

Tuck Your Tailbone? Understanding this cue.

Tuck your tailbone, a phrase that I think almost every fitness professional uses, and I use to too- a lot. Having taught now for over a decade the phrase tuck your tail bone can and does result in a lot […]

"Flat Back"...But my back isn't flat..Right?-Spinal Understanding

“Flat Back”…But my back isn’t flat..Right?-Spinal Understanding

Flat Back….But My Back Isn’t Flat….Or is It? Yikes…. Is this you?… “Exhale flat back fold forward” or “wide arms flat back rise up” are common cure in the fitness industry and one deceptive and very misleading on many levels. […]

Dancer Pose Hope Zvara

DANCER Pose…. It really can be for everyone!

Dancer Pose… It really can be for everyone! Natarajasana is “the Lord of the Dance”.  This beautiful asana develops grace and balance in the body all while producing energy and heat for the body.  It encourages good posture by toning […]