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Practice  On the Mat with Hope Zvara EVERYDAY!

Practice On the Mat with Hope Zvara EVERYDAY!

I’ve been pushed to the limit with yoga and fitness programs that bombard us-YOU with the image and idea that unless you look like this (insert half naked model here) then your practice isn’t working. That weight-loss, ripped abs, super […]

The Hidden Benefits of a Yoga Training

The Hidden Benefits of a Yoga Training

Why take a yoga teacher training? Well the obvious is to become a yoga teacher. But for me that is the last reason why. In 2009 I decided it was time to start sharing what I knew about yoga, the […]

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5 Reasons It’s Time To Take A Yoga Teacher Training

Now before you say a yoga teacher training is not for you. Or before you complete your thought of “don’t we have enough yoga teachers out there already”, let me draw some clarity for you. In 2009 I created the […]

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Caring more about your students and getting them to care more about themselves.

No one persons body is the same. No one persons body is put together alike, nor do they hold trauma or recover the same way either.  So then why are we treating our students like they are all the same? […]

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You Say Yoga is Not Part of the Fitness Industry…I Beg to Differ!

You say yoga is not a part of the world of “fitness” but yet the most commonly practiced form of yoga is asana, and the last time I checked asana is something in which we use the physical body to […]

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Poor Posture might equal a poor educated teacher

Poor posture just might equal a poorly educated teacher. We come to a yoga class or a Pilates class or any fitness class really, and expect for our bodies to feel better, for issues to be resolved and for the […]