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20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health: Part 2

20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health: Part 2

I hope you have been working on implementing the 20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health: Part 1 into your daily routine. Let’s get honest for a second, our days get busy fast and then all of a sudden it’s […]

Certified Instructor Locator

Certified Instructor Locator

Address  –Search By City–Algoma, WIDurham, NCGreen Bay, WIHartford, WIHartland, WIJackson, WIKiel, WIMauston, WIMilwaukee, WIRacine, WISacramento, CASlinger, WISt. Francis, WIVail, COWales, WIWest Bend, WI Radius 1 mi5 mi10 mi25 mi50 mi100 mi200 mi500 mi WordPress Store Locator Viadat Creations Enter Your […]

Core Video: 12 Minutes to a Stronger Core

SUPER CHARGED CORE VIDEO!! In all reality we all have 12 minutes AND with most of us glued to some sort of electronic device makes it pretty easy (no excuses right) to get moving! Join me in a no excuses- […]

40 days to freedom

40 Days to Freedom

40 days is a long time, long enough that by the end of those days you can feel like you have either started to break free from something or begun to cultivate a new perspective or skill. I see the […]

Neck Pain Be GONE: Occipital Release with Hope Zvara | acuBall

There is nothing worse than neck pain! With the rise in electronic devices and sitting is leaving people like all of us (I’m on my ‪computer‬ WAY TOO much!!!) with tons of pain! Specifically neck and upper back pain. The […]

The skinny on your psoas

The skinny on your psoas Our hips, more specifically our hip flexors, are an area of the body that is often misused and misunderstood. Hip flexors are a skeletal muscle group that allows us to move our thighs up and […]