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20 Minutes of Table Top Infused Core Based Yoga

20 Minutes of Tale Top Infused Core Based Yoga… Yes Please! We all have 20 minutes right? Well join me for a detailed instruction series in favor of table top. Get on all fours and experience gravity and your deep […]

Plank Core Hope Zvara

Step-by-Step Details:Core Infused Chaturanga & Push-Up

Step-by-step details: Core Infused Chaturanga & Push-Up VIDEO Get ready to heat up your core with step-by-step details on how to practice a better Chaturanga or Push-Up in no time! Feel like your up-down method to Chaturanga looks more like […]

Plank Core Hope Zvara

360 Degree Core & Toned Arms with 15 Minute Plank Series

360 Degree Core! We all have this available space to work-to love-to rock! Join me for a great video focusing on our middle with the help of our arms! Join Hope Zvara for a great 15 min Plank-it series focusing […]

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You Say Yoga is Not Part of the Fitness Industry…I Beg to Differ!

You say yoga is not a part of the world of “fitness” but yet the most commonly practiced form of yoga is asana, and the last time I checked asana is something in which we use the physical body to […]