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Neck Pain Be GONE: Occipital Release with Hope Zvara | acuBall

There is nothing worse than neck pain! With the rise in electronic devices and sitting is leaving people like all of us (I’m on my ‪computer‬ WAY TOO much!!!) with tons of pain! Specifically neck and upper back pain. The […]

The skinny on your psoas

The skinny on your psoas Our hips, more specifically our hip flexors, are an area of the body that is often misused and misunderstood. Hip flexors are a skeletal muscle group that allows us to move our thighs up and […]

Get your Arms and Obliques Beach Body Ready -- Oblique Lift & Lower

Get your Arms and Obliques Beach Body Ready — Oblique Lift & Lower

Get your arms and obliques beach body ready — Oblique lift and lower Summer is right around the corner (it is- I promise) and most of us just can’t wait to get rid of the layers upon layers of clothing […]

Transversus WHAT?

Transversus … is that some kind of car part? Well, if you are talking about the transversus abdominis, then yes, it is kind of like the body of a car. Without this core muscle, nothing works right and many things […]

Ahh, neck and shoulder relief- Nerve Glides

Ahh, neck and shoulder relief- Nerve Glides

For many people, the neck and shoulders are a chronic area of discomfort and a nagging pain in the neck. This is an area in which many carry their daily share of tension and frustration, and most find that once […]

3 Reasons Why I Said Goodbye to Mat PilatesMe seven years ago.

3 Reasons Why I Said Goodbye to Mat Pilates

3 Reasons Why I Said Goodbye to mat Pilates I have been a bare foot teacher for almost fifteen years now and have taught this, that and the other thing in various shapes and forms. After taking my initial yoga teacher training […]

The Best Way to Improve Hamstring Flexibility Video| Yoga Poses with Hope Zvara

It always seems that for many the backs of the legs are tight and cranky. For a slew of reasons our hamstrings seem to cause problems: Help I need better hamstring flexibility! We sit WAY to LONG! This locked up […]

Truth about the pelvic floor Hope zvara

Did I just pee my pants: The Truth About The Pelvic Floor

While doing yoga or other activities, we often hear teachers and even doctors tell us, “now use your pelvic floor.” Or, my favorite line I’ve heard from a yoga teacher is, “activate your pelvic floor”, like it’s an assumed, all-knowing […]

devotional pose copper tree yoga class

You Say Yoga is Not Part of the Fitness Industry…I Beg to Differ!

You say yoga is not a part of the world of “fitness” but yet the most commonly practiced form of yoga is asana, and the last time I checked asana is something in which we use the physical body to […]