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Ahhh….Instant Hamstring Relief | Hope Zvara

Instant hamstring relief! It’s the grabbing pain in the back of your leg, the extreme tightness that pulls at your back when you bend over, the restriction that keeps you from doing what you love, be it running, walking, Zumba […]

The Yoga Pose I Do Everyday

The Yoga Pose I Do Everyday

There are hundreds of yoga poses, and thousands of variations of those poses, and yes I am sure we all have our favorites. But for some seeing the bazillions of postures can be overwhelming and that can leave you then […]

The Hidden Benefits of a Yoga Training

The Hidden Benefits of a Yoga Training

Why take a yoga teacher training? Well the obvious is to become a yoga teacher. But for me that is the last reason why. In 2009 I decided it was time to start sharing what I knew about yoga, the […]

HOPE Yoga Teacher Training

5 Reasons It’s Time To Take A Yoga Teacher Training

Now before you say a yoga teacher training is not for you. Or before you complete your thought of “don’t we have enough yoga teachers out there already”, let me draw some clarity for you. In 2009 I created the […]

The skinny on your psoas

The skinny on your psoas Our hips, more specifically our hip flexors, are an area of the body that is often misused and misunderstood. Hip flexors are a skeletal muscle group that allows us to move our thighs up and […]

Get your Arms and Obliques Beach Body Ready -- Oblique Lift & Lower

Get your Arms and Obliques Beach Body Ready — Oblique Lift & Lower

Get your arms and obliques beach body ready — Oblique lift and lower Summer is right around the corner (it is- I promise) and most of us just can’t wait to get rid of the layers upon layers of clothing […]

10 Things Yoga is Not

10 Things Yoga is Not

  Yoga is many things to many people, but over the years I have discovered yoga trying to be turned into this, that and the other thing, only to discover again that no matter how hard a person tries yoga […]

Release Your Shoulders | Shoulders & Upper Body Video

How to EASILY release your shoulders using a foam roller and a few good stretches! Shoulders are kind of an important part of your body, and when your shoulders are wonky (yes I said wonky) that can often leave your […]

How to Do a Lunge in Yoga | Healthy Alignment and Body Mechanics

If you have ever practiced yoga or attended a yoga class it would be fair to say that you would have then participated in one of yoga’s staple postures-the lunge. In yoga low lunge and high lunge (Anjaneyasana) are definitely two […]