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5 Tips in the business of being a (new) yoga teacher

5 Tips in the business of being a (new) yoga teacher

No matter how much you want to resist it, yoga in today’s world is a business and unfortunately with that comes the need to not only know yoga but know the business world. Each instructor out there is their own […]

When Dancer Pose Doesn’t Dance: Unlocking the Front Body

WATCH VIDEO AFTER YOU READ 🙂 When Dancer Pose Doesn’t Dance: Unlocking the Front Body I see a good deal of masterful postures posted all over social media and many in magazines: some of masterful skill in balance, stamina and focus, […]

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Hope Zvara

Welcome to Core Functional Fitness by Hope Zvara ®! If you’re a yoga student, teacher, personal trainer or other fitness professional, you’ve come to the right place… Hope Zvara-The Real Deal,  is a Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Expert specializing in […]

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Host a Training with Hope! Whether your students and teachers need yoga teacher training rehab or you are looking to fill in the gaps to real functional movement and truly help your students or teachers- Hope has a program for […]