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How to Do a Lunge in Yoga | Healthy Alignment and Body Mechanics

If you have ever practiced yoga or attended a yoga class it would be fair to say that you would have then participated in one of yoga’s staple postures-the lunge. In yoga low lunge and high lunge (Anjaneyasana) are definitely two […]

Why I created my yoga teacher training program & why it's different

Why I created my yoga teacher training program & why it’s different

   I took my first training in May of 2003, during my Freshman year at Marquette University, hoping to major in theology and public speaking-I wanted to be an inspirational speaker (can you imagine…).    I had been coming to […]

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Welcome to Core Functional Fitness by Hope Zvara ®! If you’re a yoga student, teacher, personal trainer or other fitness professional, you’ve come to the right place… Hope Zvara-The Real Deal,  is a Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Expert specializing in […]

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Host a Training

Host a Training with Hope! Whether your students and teachers need yoga teacher training rehab or you are looking to fill in the gaps to real functional movement and truly help your students or teachers- Hope has a program for […]

Plank Core Hope Zvara

360 Degree Core & Toned Arms with 15 Minute Plank Series

360 Degree Core! We all have this available space to work-to love-to rock! Join me for a great video focusing on our middle with the help of our arms! Join Hope Zvara for a great 15 min Plank-it series focusing […]