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Neck Pain Be GONE: Occipital Release with Hope Zvara | acuBall

There is nothing worse than neck pain! With the rise in electronic devices and sitting is leaving people like all of us (I’m on my ‪computer‬ WAY TOO much!!!) with tons of pain! Specifically neck and upper back pain. The […]

Release Your Shoulders | Shoulders & Upper Body Video

How to EASILY release your shoulders using a foam roller and a few good stretches! Shoulders are kind of an important part of your body, and when your shoulders are wonky (yes I said wonky) that can often leave your […]

The Best Way to Improve Hamstring Flexibility Video| Yoga Poses with Hope Zvara

It always seems that for many the backs of the legs are tight and cranky. For a slew of reasons our hamstrings seem to cause problems: Help I need better hamstring flexibility! We sit WAY to LONG! This locked up […]

table top twist hope zvara

20 Minutes of Table Top Infused Core Based Yoga

20 Minutes of Tale Top Infused Core Based Yoga… Yes Please! We all have 20 minutes right? Well join me for a detailed instruction series in favor of table top. Get on all fours and experience gravity and your deep […]

Plank Core Hope Zvara

Step-by-Step Details:Core Infused Chaturanga & Push-Up

Step-by-step details: Core Infused Chaturanga & Push-Up VIDEO Get ready to heat up your core with step-by-step details on how to practice a better Chaturanga or Push-Up in no time! Feel like your up-down method to Chaturanga looks more like […]

Plank Core Hope Zvara

360 Degree Core & Toned Arms with 15 Minute Plank Series

360 Degree Core! We all have this available space to work-to love-to rock! Join me for a great video focusing on our middle with the help of our arms! Join Hope Zvara for a great 15 min Plank-it series focusing […]