Because it DOES matter how you move!

If "Sitting is the New Smoking" then lets kick the habit with the Move Sit-Stand Chair by Varier!

Why changing what you sit on could make all the difference.

Varier uses biomechanics and core integration to help the user gain more movement and muscle activation when they use the move.  

Using the move helps the user decrease back pain, open the hip flexors, increase core activation, instantly improves posture, reduce neck and shoulder pain, and create a more mobile work-space. This "active sitting" improves circulation and oxygen levels, boosting energy, concentration, and overall well-being. Plus the move doubles as a great piece of exercise equipment that you never have to leave your desk to use.  

Many suggest that the best posture is one that allows us to be in continuous motion and remain fluid, open and mobile much like a child.  

Your Choice of Two Sizes in Three Colors

Take ergonomics to the next level with this Norwegian designed chair by Varier, the Move Sit-Stand Stool, which combines the best in 360° movement and seat flexibility while you work. 

This ergonomically correct chair's half standing, half sitting base allows you (the user) to shift positions easily, reducing tension in the body caused by poor posture mechanics like hunching and reaching, and leg crossing. Ideal for... anyone who finds themselves sitting and standing for an extended period of time.

The Varier Move Sit-Stand Stool encourages "active functional sitting" by properly and instantly engaging your core and back muscles, while giving you the ultimate freedom to tilt and pivot to find that ideal working sweet spot for you. Try it once and you may never go back to traditional chairs again.

Available Accessories

Wearable technology that monitors your sitting activity and helps you develop healthy sitting habits

Rubber Base adds stability and protect the base and floor when used on hard surfaces

Warranty Included!

7 year guarantee on all wooden parts | 5 years on mechanical parts | 3 year guarantee on upholstery and foam Handcrafted in Norway by skilled artisans | Standing support that allows a full 360° range of motion | Lightweight for easy portability | Instant core activation with automatic instant positive posture | The open angle between the upper and lower body improves circulation, boosting energy levels and concentration | Contoured saddle seat is made with polyurethane foam | Adjustable gas lift | Encourages dynamic and active sitting positions.

NEAT Certified!

The NEAT-certification word mark is designed to inform customers that the product has been evaluated to determine its capability in helping people achieve specific goals related to activity or nutrition.