Hope Zvara

  • Hartford, Wisconsin

It’s time to stop defeatist thinking and instead begin to look at ourselves as whole beings - our bodies, our minds, and our emotions - and how they merge to create who we are.  Hope Zvara, Yoga Teacher, Functional Fitness Expert, and creator of Core Functional Fitness™, believes that in order to achieve ultimate balance we must look at ourselves in a functional way by considering questions like: Why are we doing what we’re doing?  Why are we the way we are?  And, how can we achieve whole body wellness inside and out?

In a septic tank of an eating disorder just out of high school, Hope wholeheartedly believes Yoga saved her life, saying “I didn’t find Yoga, Yoga found me”.  Prior to Yoga, Hope recalls feeling “broken on the inside; like a walking corpse”.

Since then, Hope has immersed herself in a true, body/mind/spirit Yogic lifestyle with principles based on functionality and unlocking the true essence of the "identity center" (core fitness).   She currently teaches the same philosophies and principles she used to heal from a life of addiction and depression to yoga students and fitness professionals who want to live the life they desire.  “It’s a unique combination...", explains Hope. "Most people are driven in their physical body and immerse themselves in learning and teaching about the physical, while others zoom in to the spiritual side and teach mostly from that perspective.  For whatever reason I have been privileged with the ability to cohesively intertwine both."