Teacher & Studio Owner Mentoring

Mentoring with Hope!

I get it, I’ve been there, I’ve worked from the bottom with my own two hands! I want to save you the time, energy, money and headache!

I have a passion for sharing my information with people like you- yoga teachers, studio owners, and even yoga teacher trainers (and their trainers) who just need a little (or a lot) of help getting where they are going.

I just want to start out by saying “I totally know what you are going through!”

I have spent plenty of time in my almost fifteen years of teaching, and ten of that which has been spent owning and fully operating a yoga studio (while having a family and a small chicken farm), and on top of that my husband and I owning and developing several properties- talk about crazy, I know. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love what I do, but would have so loved a mentor, someone to help me with the little things, the little things that took me hours and hours and many filled with tears to figure out.

I have found in the last few years  very clearly a method, approach and mindset towards both becoming a (yoga) teacher, making a positive go of it, being successful AND running a profitable, enjoyable yoga studio.

I would love to share with you all what I have learned along the way, what  has worked, what hasn’t, several key components many teachers, and business owners are not doing and probably don’t realize they are missing them.

During our sessions we can cover topics such as:

  • Clearing out your vision
  • Goal setting
  • Order of operations
  • Narrowing your focus
  • Branding & setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack
  • Insurance
  • Unique value proposition
  • How to set up a successful workshop
  • How to create a certification
  • How to create a Yoga Teacher Training (and be the full package)
  • How to use your competition to help your business
  • How to know when the carriage is before the horse
  • Social media—-and WHY you NEED it!
  • Making flyers
  • Becoming an LLC
  • Ordering props
  • Retail & setting up a boutique
  • Secondary income strategies
  • Pricing strategies
  • Excess expenses
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Website and blogging
  • Hiring employees VS IC’s
  • Bartering for services
  • Setting realistic standards
  • Short and long term goals
  • My connections to help you succeed
  • And so much more-the sky’s the limit!

I first need to know a bit more about you!

First step is to let me know how you want to work with me & how I can help!

After I review your submission and you fill out the availability section I’ll be in touch very soon!

The only thing you have to lose is more time spinning your wheels and more money to figure out something I may have already.

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