Testimonials: Here what people are saying about Hope:

“..you always walk the dance of baring your soul and being a great teacher…that only happens when you walk,talk, write and live from the heart.  Are you sure that you are not in your 80’s!!! (the old wiser than your years joke!).” ~ Terry Copeland, student & yoga teacher, CFF

“Hope, today I got in touch with my core, which I honestly thought was gone! … I gave up going to the exercise classes at my health club because it just hurt my back too much. Fortunately, I have been on a yoga quest for the past several months and that is how I ended up at your studio and am so grateful.” ~ Mary O’Toole, online follower

“I had an AMAZING 2-hour chiro appt yesterday. She had so much fun poking and exploring and adjusting because I was able to be so specific about some of the issues I’ve noticed over the 7 months. The leg length discrepancy you noticed during the first weekend was, in fact, a pelvic issue on my right side (which is what you said it usually is), the same side whose foot wants to turn out and that we were looking at last weekend. I’m curious to see what happens with some regular adjustments.” ~ Past student & yoga teacher

CFF teaching lecture 1

“Thank you!  I’ve read great reviews about you and your work outs.  I’m a massage therapist and get annoyed when work outs use horrible body mechanics, so I’m excited to be further educated by you.  Your workouts are just what I need right now. And I can also take this type of ‘good’ information to modify workouts I like – but don’t want to injury myself doing.” Rene, DVD review & online follower

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and following your passion. This changes peoples lives! Because of what I have learned from your teachings, I am able to work with people confidently in these smaller settings and they are so grateful and take away so much benefit. They get to take away things that they can apply in their lives right away! I used to try and put so much in my classes. When I gave you my homework for CFF I , part of your review was to maybe cut down the number of moves/poses in a class. I’ve really taken that to heart and found that it is much better and more effective to do less quantity but more quality with the poses that I choose to include.
This is just one class since our last TT wkd…….there have been several awesome successful classes this last 2 weeks. So….many more stories.”
Namaste’…. My friend, my teacher, my guru 🙂
Grace & Ease! ~Val Hickman, student, yoga teacher, CFF


“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you!  I am coming up on a full year now of doing your youtube yoga videos.  I stumbled onto them last year right after lent and started with the 40 days of yoga and then turned around and did it again because I loved them so much!  At first I could barely do any of the poses, but I just did what I could and kept at it every day.  I turned 45 this year and over the past year have experienced some health issues that were tough.  I had some back problems and some female problems, but through all of that I continued doing your yoga videos at least 5 times a week.  I can now say that my back feels so much stronger and better every day without ever going to a doctor and I am amazed at how much more I can do in each pose now!  I don’t know what it means to be a yogi, but I feel like I am hooked for life!   I especially loved your most recent blog about questioning God.  I really hit home for me.  I am truly grateful to have found you and feel like you are a kindred spirit!  Your “Core” beliefs have helped me so much over the past year!” Holly Bassett, You Tube subscriber and online follower

“Hi Hope.  I have to be honest with you and tell you that I loved, and hated, every second of your class.  I loved it because you did a beautiful job teaching, and because the stretches were just what my body needed.  I hated it because I am so ADHD that holding a pose is pure torture.  I have always done “Body Flow” classes for that reason.  I am so glad that I opened my mind a bit.  I sat through your class reminding myself, “You get what you need, not what you want.”  It really helped put things in perspective.  With that being said, I would love to get a few more classes in before my back surgery.  I feel like that may be a good idea….get warmed up, or something. HAHA.  Can I just pay as I come for the next few weeks?  Also, what is your experience with yoga post-surgery?  I will, of course, consult my doctor, but is there a way to make yoga a part of the healing process following surgery?  I am so tempted by your special for the summer!  I’m hoping for a quick recovery, so I can focus on truly getting better.  I think yoga will need to be a part of that process.  Thank you for putting me on that mailing list.  Your piece on the 5 Moves for Lower Back Pain is awesome!!!  I am so glad Kathy took me to the Copper Tree!  My students had talked about your classes, but I didn’t know they were talking about your studio until I went.  What a gift, Hope.” ~Robyn Klein, student

“I watch your videos all the time! I teach yoga and pilates (reformer, chair) and love the way you teach. You are full of information and I no longer watch any other yoga videos on line! I always look to you for some new ideas to freshen up my classes. Thank you!” ~ Christine, online follower


“Dear hope, First of all I have to thank you for your awesome you tube videos. I have followed some of your forty day yoga offerings and have found them challenging and so very helpful with my yoga practice.
I really appreciate your attention to educating us with information about the human anatomy.” ~ Ana Vizurraga, online follower, You Tube subscriber

“I am in Warsaw, Indiana.  I am a yoga instructor and love your philosophy about core functional fitness.  After watching the youtube videos available and purchase a couple of your dvds I feel I have learned more from you than anything I learned in my 200 hour trainings.  While I love yoga it seems many instructors are trying to attain the “look and feel” of the practice instead of concerning themselves with how the participants respond.  I am not concern about learning the Sanskrit names of each pose or even necessarily the origin of yoga but I am concern about creating the best experience for each class.  That being said you have the ability to do that even through a dvd or I can only imagine how awesome a live class would be!!” Karen Smith, yoga teacher, online follower, DVD viewer

“Hope – You are amazing. Finally someone who gets it. I am older but in good shape but feel much less flexible then I used to. However after two weeks of following a couple of your you tube videos my whole body feels so much better. I am starting to understand why. The why comes from your instruction and explanation of the why and what it is we are trying to accomplish with each movement. I have researched and researched and by far you are head and shoulders above anybody else out there. The functional part of exercise must be a part of any exercise or fitness program but is the one part which always seems to be left out….In closing your video with your pets just hanging out with you as your going through instruction is priceless…. Online viewer

…..Hope – Thanks for response. I just ordered all three DVD’s. I live in Pasadena California and found out about your mission through searching for info on hip movements. Your functional pigeon video appeared and I knew after reviewing your video that you in fact knew your craft and were able to convey your message as well. Look forward to your DVD’s. Keep up the excellent work.” ~   Thanks Chris, DVD viewer

“I just happened to stumble on your “5 minute core workout” on youtube, & absolutely LOVED it…and thought I would let you know! You have ALWAYS been an amazing teacher, but looking at your website a bit & reading a couple of your blog posts… I am SO very impressed with how far you have come & the way you explain things. Core Functional Fitness sounds amazing, & a very welcome “alternative” to “classic Pilates” & yoga as it is “traditionally” taught. What a refreshing style of teaching…I love the concept!” Debra Hennesy, creator of We are the Real Deal

“I’ve been following your blog and having great moments.
I started iyenga yoga classes three years ago, being persistent, now I’m able to do many postures and take advantage of them.
Your classes are awesome and I “hope” joining you one day, as I live in Brazil, that’s not so easy.
Thanks for sharing that much with us around the world!” ~Marie, online follower

Thank you for the great workshop at the Texas Yoga Conference.  My attention to the pelvic floor has certainly increased!  I had a chance to speak to you briefly after the workshop.  As a physical therapist, functional anatomy professor, and yoga teacher, I think what you are doing is great. I looked over your blog and will be looking forward to future postings.
I am glad we were able to connect and will look forward to another workshop if you come back to Houston next year!” ~ Trish Corley, Conference attendee
“Hope; need to tell you how much I enjoyed your CFF level 1 workshop weekend seminar. In three short days I was not only able to understand the concepts behind core fitness like “neutral” and “pelvic floor” but you demonstrated and together we implemented and performed most of the exercises. This all helped to understand the functional fitness aspect of core work. Your instruction was clear and complete. I now have a new understanding of what I personally need to strengthen my own core and keep a healthy spine as a result. I feel everyone in the “health industry” should know and teach this coarse as a primer for any one that cares about preventing injury, better athletic performance or a more robust state of well being. This is essential info everyone should know! You have really put your hands around the basic method of improving every aspect of body conditioning. Kudos to you Hope!” ~Will Masters, student, CFF attendee
“I appreciate that you emphasize feeling and increasing body awareness. There are plenty of reasons why I was drawn to you and your studio!
Thank you again for all you offer the world! I realize that you have tackled huge obstacles in order to have accomplished so much early in life. I hope that you are able to enjoy time for yourself along the way. You deserve it!!!” ~Katy Peroutka, student, yoga teacher

OMG I have just had the most amazing pleasure of finding your website and I am sitting at work reading it saying yes that is me and yes that is where my pain is how do I learn from this person who has created a program that actually, and finally hits home for me. I am in Canada and do not know if you offer courses on line or give other instruction by distance but if you do I am very grateful. ~Warmly Cheryl, online follower
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